Monday, November 12, 2007

Welcome to our live blog and new updated website at Tulipia Floral Design!

We welcome you to our new blog site. Fall is here and thanksgiving is just a week away. So planning your floral centerpiece or several floral pieces this year can be pre-ordered @ Tulipia. Make it simple on yourself, by ordering early and picking it up the Wednesday before thanksgiving. We also will deliver right to your home or wire them out of state for you. Fall is a time when rich hue colors and earth tones celebrate the beauty and grandeur of our styled arrangements whether it is a traditional long and low and lush arrangement or our signature pave cube to suit your needs. Or pick the designer choice in the order tab to our special Thanksgiving centerpiece which will be spectacular on your holiday table this season! One more thing don't forget to light candles on the dinning room table and around the home they make every occasion and add an extra splash of ambiance and creating the mood just right for the dinner holiday celebration!